It is a common misperception that the words “estate planning” only apply to those of significant wealth.  Estate planning is not only about minimizing tax liability or protecting your heirs from the costly and time-consuming process of probate (both of which are important).  Most desire their assets are available support their loved ones and the causes that are important to you.  An estate strategy can spell out your financial and health care wishes and ensure they are carried out – even if you are unable to communicate.   Additionally, it allows a designated individual to manage your financial affairs if you are unable to do so, while following your instructions.    

Estate plan development requires both your financial advisor and attorney.  When you work with financial advisors and attorneys separately, miscommunications may arise that make estate planning more frustrating and longer than necessary.  We’re here to help ensure your estate planning goals are carried out according to your wishes.  Our view of your bigger financial picture helps us to align your financial strategy with your estate plan, socialize your wishes and goals, and assist all parties are working together toward your goals.

We work with several attorneys who specialize in estate planning.  If you already have an estate planning attorney, we’re happy to work with them.

Questions our clients have presented to us regarding estate planning:
  • I’m not wealthy, should I have an estate plan?
  • I’m remarried, how do I know that my children from my first marriage will receive their inheritance from me?
  • Who knows my health care wishes if I cannot communicate them? 
  • Who will care for my pets if I’m unable to take care of them?
  • Who will pay my bills if I cannot? 
  • My parents are aging.  How do I start a conversation with them and my siblings about estate planning?
  • Can someone access my online accounts if necessary? 
  • Who will care for my children?   Will they be all right?
  • How will my business survive and operate if I pass early?
  • Can my children afford to purchase and operate my business?
  • How do I keep my wishes private?