Taxes are a central component of financial planning.  Almost every financial planning issue – whether its retirement, investments, cash flow, insurance or estate planning – has tax considerations.    

Think about it like this: tax preparation is like the final exam and tax planning is all the studying and work you do to ready yourself for the test.   

Tax preparation gathers all your information and creates an accurate return for any given tax year.   Tax planning allows us to plan and execute crucial efficiency strategies on your tax return both now and in the future.  By offering both services, it allows us to develop a strategy, monitor its implementation annually, and seamlessly adjust as needed. 

Services include:  Tax preparation (federal, state) and tax planning (individuals and business)

With a comprehensive view of your financial life, we find there is a great deal of value in helping clients minimize their overall tax burden such as:
  • Tax-loss harvesting allows you to realize a loss while keeping your portfolio fully invested, as it can offset capital gains. 
  • Asset location is all about making investment portfolios tax-efficient. It’s the process of determining the tax-efficiency of each security and which account) would be best to hold each investment.
  • Retirement income planning.  When you are building wealth, we work to balance your investments (such as tax-free Roth IRA, tax-deferred Traditional IRA or 401(k), and taxable brokerage accounts).   Once you hit the distribution phase in retirement, we strategically manage your taxable income to avoid a higher tax bracket while still maintaining flexibility for the future.
Other areas include:
  • Maintain appropriate tax credits
  • Blend charitable giving goals and tax-efficient donation strategies.
  • Run projections to determine sufficient tax withholdings and estimated payments.
  • Take advantage of years with low taxable income to initiate Roth conversions. 
  • Maximize after-tax funding strategies like backdoor Roth IRA and even after-tax contributions to 401(k) should your plan permit.