Managing risk is vital to every family and business.  Nothing can derail a financial plan like a long term illness, accident on your property, premature death, natural disaster, or inconvenient injuries.  Protecting what you have and providing for loved ones are perhaps the most important parts of your goals for financial well-being.

Our team reviews your existing policies and evaluates how the unexpected may impact your financial plan.  Then we develop a risk management strategy to help you in case life throws you a curveball.  As your home, business and financial lives progress, your insurance needs change.  The coverage that was appropriate a few years ago may be insufficient or inappropriate for your current situation.

We are committed to addressing what matters most to you.
  • Can my family stay in our house if I die prematurely?
  • Can my children still attend higher education?
  • If I am placed in assisted living, how will my spouse pay the bills?
  • If my spouse pre-deceases me, can I afford full time medical care if needed?
  • As a business owner, how can the business operation if I am injured for a short or long amount of time?
  • Who “gets” my business, if I pass early?   
  • If my business partner dies first, are their spouse or children my new business partner?
  • My business partner wants to sell his part of the business, how can I afford to purchase their half?
Insurance and risk management services
  • Navigating the choice of insurance products
  • Life insurance needs analysis
  • Life insurance review and acquisition
  • Annuity review
  • Long-term care (LTC) insurance review
  • Supplemental disability insurance
  • Elder care and special needs planning
  • Business succession planning
  • Buy-sell agreement review and financing
  • Estate and gift planning
  • Estate tax funding
  • Transferring wealth and/or your business to heirs